Freitag, 6. August 2010

delightsome dalat

after spending some great days in Hanoi we went on a boat trip in Ha Long Bay, first of all it seems like a stupid "screw-the-nature-and-lets-get-wasted"trip... but it turned out to be a pretty amazing trip in the end.
we went kayaking until dusk which was kinda scary cause at the end it was pitch-black and we couldnt which one was our boat... some other people found themselves at a different boat.

but we made it and after another day in Hanoi we took the bus to Hoi An where we spent 3 more days...
Hoi An was really nice with all those little shops who taught us again how much fun it is to waste all of your money in clothes you dont need...
we took it easy there and after 3 days, 2 massages, a manicure and an account in deep debits later we took the next bus to Dalat...

bus ride took us another 20 hours not mentioning the motorbike we crashed and the other bus we scratched...

Dalat is kind of freezing compared to the last 2 months of heat... it lays in the mountains where the french tried to escape from the heat back in the days...

yesterday we rented motorbikes and we were wearing scarves, longsleeves and are wishing for a wintercoat..

the trip yesterday was great... we went to the elephant waterfalls, the valley of love (even the vietnamese think its kitschy...) and saved the lifes of 4 turtles.

tonight we are heading to Ho Chi Minh City where we will stay a couple of days and then take our flight to Phu Quoc...

dalat is great!
thanks javier. you rock.


  1. Hallo Linà,
    oh, das sieht klasse aus. Und du siehst auch klasse aus. Bin seit gestern wieder im land und denke ganz oft an dich und euch und eure supercoole Reise.



  2. hey linschen-bienschen!
    cool, du hast nen blog... just letting you know that i miss u! <3
    knutschas aus mannheim