Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

contradictory cambodia and terrific thailand

it has been a while, so a lot has happened since then..

saigon was crazy...we spend a really good time with Javier with long nights full of laughter and beer. and whiskey.and crabs.and more beer.

the city never sleeps, when we arrived there at 430am, the streets were crowded, the restaurants full and parties everywhere...

traffic in could also call it motorbike was an endless procession of passing two-wheelers. its like moving through a swarm of honeybees.

After Saigon we left to phu quoc which was beautiful...2 days of just hanging out on the island and doing nothing.great.
We started our journey to cambodia in a totally crowded bus and after almost missing the bus, we got the shit seats. After paying 20 bucks without getting a receipt or busticket ("dont worry, its ok") we sat in the back of the bus with the engine right next to our face, the smell of pure petrol in our nose and started our journey to cambodia.

Arrived in phnom phen, rented a motorbike and went to S 21 and the killing fields...we did it in two days though because its exhausting to see all of it in one day and i dont mean physically exhausting.

we took the next bus to siem reap to see angkor wat. it was really impressive even though i dont understand what people are doing there the whole day... we started at 430am to see the sun rise over angkot wat and where done by around 11am...
our tuk tuk driver asked us if we want to wait there to see the sunset (" maybe no.")

instead we went to a children hospital called "kantha bopha", where they treat the children for free...we decided to donate blood. Both of us havent done it before and some might say why would you start with that in cambodia where the hospitals have a different status then ours... but i guess if you are not starting here, then where?!

next stop was thailand...pouring rain and we with our backpackers walking between the boarder posts of cambodia and thailand...
but forget the rain, at one of the boarder controlls they stopped the bus and the boarder guard was the most beautiful guy on the whole trip. we were in love. straight away. and agreed that it was a waste of beauty to put this boarder guard in the middle of nowhere.

we spent a great night in bangkok and found the probably cheapest accomodation (maybe the cheapest one, but did you ever try to sleep next to a karaoke bar?Dont try!)

Monsoon hit us again and we took the next bus to koh phangan...
luck was on our side (as if) and we sat next to 4 irish guys with 30 bottle of beer (not kidding!) who were getting totally wasted on the bus.
so no sleep, listening to stupid drunk guy talk (its all about boobs and beer) we arrived in koh phangan.

we are in a great little bungalow right in front of the gulf of thailand and its just great...
yesterday was fullmoon party and if you are here anyways you have to join it i guess.
its been a long night with an unbelievable sunrise and a great morning...but no sleep for the last 30 hours so now i really gotta go to finally get some rest!

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