Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

packed pushkar

we survived.
after a 12 hours bus ride with a break of 10 min in total, through desert, monsoon and an apparently suicidal driver we arrived in pushkar.
the place seems to be pretty crowed with tourists and backpackers!

apropos hot...before pushkar we were in jaisalmer, a town in the desert close to pakistan where u could do cameltrips and stuff.
we actually went there because of the cameltrips, but they seemed to be very touristic with folklore dancing and shit, we decided against it...

we just stayed there one night and again..the heat was almost unbearable.

at 4pm we took the bus heading to pushkar and were lucky to have a seat...

thing is, people stare! and not the european staring every woman knows from some idiots on the street, i mean STARE!!!
they are standing totally bended over in the bus just to look at you...and if you stare back, they dont mind. its not that they feel embarassed, it just motivates them to go further.
going further in india means..burping!how charming!

like the spanish worldchamps said( yes yes, this is for you lucky winners)...

india is not for beginners.

we love it though.

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