Montag, 5. Juli 2010

bombay.big time.

after the big mess with the girl who wanted to rent our appartment over the summer, we finally arrive in doha.
nobody knows why (and nobody really cares why) but karma is a bitch and we get upgraded to business class...we intended to study the "lonely planet", but were so impressed with all those functions and buttons in business class, we just enjoyed the flight...bed up, bed down. bed foward, bed backward.white wine.bed up, bed down.white wine.

even though we kind of didnt really want to leave the plane, we now it to bombay.
its hot.its rainy.its dirty.but great.

tomorrow noon we will take the train to Ahmedabad and then the night train to Udaipur, "the blue city".

actually it was the idea to go to Jaipur, but since its further away and we had to assign priorities, we decided against it and for watching the footballgame.whoop whoop. india everyone seems to cheer for germany.

we gotta go cause its time for a beer.

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