Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Do we travel to fill the gaps in our own cultures?

Finally, a world where meaning and magic exist, yet to be chased out by scientific certainties and the chase for consumer happiness.
There are mantras to be learned, herbs to be smoked, meditations to be absorbed, abstruse texts to be pondered – in short, we swallow it all.
The Hindu priests are sometimes on the make, the religious rituals maintain hierarchies, the sacred herbs are another form of escape and those ancient texts are often so hard to understand because they’re trying to express something that can’t be expressed with words.
Try as much as you can, but totems and spirits of the mountains will only ever really be fairy tales to our minds.
And so we search and search, hoping to fill that cultural gap in our own societies.
they seem so much more content, is it bc we are 21st century orphans, amazed of the rituals, ceremonies and beliefs that hold a society together?
Standing in a circle with joined hands, singing songs of thanks to Mother Nature and Ommming before each meal, they try to bring the moments of appreciation into the daily routine that passed out of our culture so long ago. But knowing it’s all made up makes it hard to take it seriously. Even the kidnapping of the Om, the sound that precedes all sounds – does it really mean anything to us? Can we really just try to believe?
We’ll see that all is one, learn to live in the moment and lose all fear of the imminent return back home that stares every traveler in the face.

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