Sonntag, 4. September 2011

Cuenca - Bogotá - Medellín

After three weeks in Montañita, we went further south to Cuenca.. Beautiful little town and the capital of the Azuay Province...We stayed there for 4 nights and finally saw the sun for a couple hours. It's called the grandfather of Ecuador, with great colonial architecture and cobbled streets to walk round in.
The hostel was great with a little backyard and we had a great time together. We celebrated my birthday with sweet cake, sweeter sparkling wine and the sweetest presents. (Si, mi corazón vibra por ti. haha)...

After Cuenca we took our flight from Guayaquil to Bogotá with a bad start since someone stole Nora's rainjacket our of her backpack..
Besides that Bogotá seems safe during the day. Well, at least until sunset.
First of all you can't just flag down a cab since Scopolamine, Burundanga and other “knock out” or incapacitating drugs are used by criminals to drug and rob unwary victims.. Second night in Bogotá and we met a Colombian who ended up somewhere in the south of the city, not knowing what happened to him in the past 6 hours. The only thing he knew was that he got robbed and that they took everything.

So we are standing there trying to catch a cab to bring us to our hostel and no one wants to take us... Empty cabs just pass by and as soon as they hear our address, they refuse to take us there.
Also the nearby cafè refuses to call us a cab, so we end up flagging down a cab and the first taxidriver throws us our of his cab because we wanted to see his license (apperently it's a must for them to make them visible for everyone). Finally someone takes us and after he almost gets into a fist fight with another taxidriver who called him "a horse", we arrive safely at our hostel while releasing lots of stress hormones during the whole ride...
Since then Nora kept her little knife in her sock and we took the bus the next morning to Medellín.

We arrived in the biggest gringo hostel in town and end up sleeping in a dorm with an australian guy who is snorting cocaine 24/7... Afterwards he talks a lot of bullshit. A LOT! He keeps telling us that he is 33 and did everything in his life besides cocaine and will probably never do it again as soon as he is back in Australia (yeah right!). And he is super rich and is collecting cars back at home (who gives a fuck).
So he sits there, totally drugged on his bed in our dorm with his laptop until we come home from meeting up with some people after a couple hours and I still don't get it.. I have no clue why people are traveling to the end of the world and end up seeing the country through the blurry visions of drugs. I don't mind if you smoke up or have some happy cake, but snorting three lines in a couple minutes to sit all by yourself in a dorm while being hopped up on drugs and having nose bleeding from all the cocaine you just did?
Apparently for some people it can be fun to add a little excitement to their nights out in town but as an everyday thing it can make you a really obnoxious bastard I guess. Coke users tend to feel themselves as superior to everyone else around them and so it’s not really a drug with great personality...
I don't want to be a moralizer, but if he continues with his tripping out on drugs and bullshit talk, I will let him know how annoying he is.

Besides that, I'm looking forward to see more of the city. We met some friends of a friend of Nora who showed us some parts of the city and showed us how you don't die while crossing the street. This is one of the few countries in the world where people look actually scared before they cross the road. I read the panic in their faces and wonder why no one is selling pedestrian crossing insurance...

Besides that..never say anything bad about Medellin to a local here. They think it’s paradise on earth... but one wonders how so much violence and crime could exist in Eden. But then, every Paradise has it’s flaws.


  1. Danke fürs Update :) Also dieser Freak würde bei mir Trauer haben!!! Der scheint ja mal nicht janz knusper zu sein...! Das mit den Taxen hab ich mir schon gedacht, lasst euch immer die Lizens zeigen. Alles andere hört sich ja super an. Freue mich auf ein paar neue Bilder. Morgen in einem Monat bist du wieder zurück und bis dahin wünsche ich Euch beiden noch eine tolle & vor allem sichere Zeit. Passt weiterhin sehr gut auf Euch auf. Bis bald, deine Pummelfee :)

  2. Hey linchen, ihr habt ja eine tolle und aufregende Zeit und ich gönne sie euch sehr, aber ich bin auch froh, wenn ihr schnufffelmäuse wieder hier seid.
    Ich drück euch. Bist du wieder gesund?
    Liebe Grüße von deinen Bro's, und von Marion

  3. bilder, bilder, bilder !!! :-)