Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

and after all...

After 8 countries,
226,5 hours in buses &trains (yes, thats almost 10 days of 24/7 traveling),
68 hours in planes,
11 hours on ferrys,
53,2 kg luggage,
6 immense cellphone bills,
2 bank accounts in deep debts,
4 empty sunscreen lotions (also SPF 45),
5 empty bottles mosquito repellents,
5000 temples (only bagan has about 4000),
1 church,
1 synagogue,
1 lost hoodie,
6 hours in hospital,
1 motorbike accident,
2 creditcards thats probably wont work anymore,
1 lost bikini,
1 broken camera,
2 manicures,
4 massages,
4 saved turtels (cudos also to you Javier),
minus 600 ml blood,
540 litres drinking water,
4 empty bottles of red nail polish,
1 night in the car,
947 new friendships (cockroaches, spiders, bats, ants, tarantulas, moths, rats etc)
2 diving licenses,
5 packages of antibiotics,
11 scars,
1 lost sunglasses,
2 hardened stomaches,
2 backpacks full of dirty,tatty clothes,
1 pair of stolen flip flops,
3 times at the hairdresser,
2 playlist that we cant stand anymore,
34 marriage proposals,
7 new laugh lines,
1 wasp sting,
2 girls who dont want to go back to uni at all,
1 new sister (according to the thais),
and the feeling there is so much more to see in this world...

we are back in vienna.

and the only thing we can think of...
where are we going next...?

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